Angry Orchard

Cincinatti, OH

Cider has a rich history in Europe as well as in the US. In colonial times, hard cider was a staple and by far the most popular alcoholic beverage because of the prevalence of its main ingredient—the apple.

Our cider makers have been making ciders for decades. Eager to learn more about the art of cider making, our team has experimented with different styles, crafting ciders for themselves and sharing them with close friends.

After more than 15 years of experimenting with types of apples from all over the map and different cider-making techniques we learned along the way, we came up with a really imaginative, creative recipe. We knew we had something different and special…and decided we had to share these great recipes with cider drinkers across the country.

Angry Orchard's hard cider line-up -- Crisp Apple, Apple Ginger and Traditional Dry -- are made from hand-picked European apples. The juice then goes through a lengthy fermentation process, including oak-aging for optimal complexity and balance, before it is bottled.